Corporate Wellness

Consultancy and Management of Projects and Wellness Areas

Ambitious goals deserve great results

QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION and ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, these are the pillars of every One on One Corporate Wellness project.

Starting from the consultancy in the design of multi-service wellness areas, studied from time to time depending on the needs of the workforce, up to the personalization of the environments and the realization of works and installations, this is what you’ll find at One on One. Every Corporate Wellness project can also include the Business Plan creation and the complete management of the area through a highly qualified and constantly updated Fitness Crew, thanks to the One on One training program.

Personalized and Wellbeing-oriented performance strategies through which you can improve your lifestyle, promote well-being in the workplace, create Team Building and bring positive values to Corporate Identity.


Enviromental Management System

One on One has obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001: 2015