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Wellness projects that create value

One on One is a European leader in corporate wellness and contributes to the spread of a wellbeing culture by designing and implementing programs dedicated to the lifestyle improvement. Each project is tailor-made, based on the characteristics of the building, the needs and peculiarities of potential users, and the identity of the brand, with the aim of providing a significant benefit for users, supporting the Wellbeing culture and creating engagement.

One on One deals with Wellbeing in all its aspects and offers: fitness in the company, in gym areas or in common areas, offices or garden, as well as seminars for stress management, osteopathic and massage sessions, seminars for the education for a proper nutrition, meetings with nutritionist, physiotherapist, anti-smoking meetings and personal training.

One on One manages: Wellness Company projects, Intercompany Wellness Areas and Programs, Wellness areas of prestigious buildings, SPA centers, Wellness Centers in accommodation and hotel facilities.

One on One designs and implements tailor made corporate wellness programs, conceived according to the characteristics of the context, the space, the personality of the brand, the peculiar characteristics of the structure, whether it be a company, a Real Estate Company or a Receptive Structure, and potential users.

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One on One offers two consultancy solutions: it manages Hotel SPA facilities, buildings and other facilities, or it directly provides Wellness services on request, taking care of the personalization of environments, the equipment, up to the Business Plan and the complete management of the Area with a qualified staff.

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